Platinum Products: Crystal Shine
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SKU: PP5000


Platinum Products is our private line of aerosol products that contain: final detailers, glass cleaner, and fabric/upholstery cleaner

Crystal Shine is a final detailer formulated to give your vehicle that showroom shine. Just spray on and wipe off for a subdued finish, or let dry for that "like new" glossy shine.

Works on tires, vinyl interiors, bumpers, bumper guards, plastic moldings, door jambs, engine compartments, and hard-to-reach air conditioner vents.

Crystal Shine is the second level Platinum Products final detailers. This means that it will give a high-gloss whine, without looking too wet. The lighter formula is Platinum Shine, while Instant Shine will provide the highest level of gloss.

  • Watermelon fragrance
  • Size: 12oz

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