3D - Speed 32oz
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3D SPEED is the world’s best AIO or All-in-One.  The term AIO is interchangeable with the term cleaner/wax, that is it’s like mixing a compound, a polish, and a wax into one bottle.

AIOs are one of the oldest categories of paint correction products in the car detailing industry.  These products were first introduced in the early years when automobiles were first introduced and replacing horse-drawn carriages as a means of transportation.  This category of product enables a person to maintain their car’s finish quickly and easily by removing oxidation and restoring the full richness of color while leaving behind wax protection.

3D SPEED does three paint correction processes in a single step,

1: Compound - 3D’s unique and proprietary abrasive technology removes defects like swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation WITHOUT inflicting micro-marring at the same time.

2: Polish – 3D’s own polishing agents pick up where the compound leaves off to create a clear, high gloss shine with maximum D.O.I or distinction of image.

3: Protection  3D SPEED seals the surface to lock-in the achieved results while locking out all the corrosive substances found in the environment that act to attack and corrode the paint.

While it can be a tick difficult to wrap your brain around how a single product can remove defects while at the same time leaving protection behind – using this product just ONE time will make you a believer.

When do you use it? - Anytime you want to restore a better-than-new factory shine to your car’s paint.  And the good news is you can use this product on virtually any type of paint and also gelcoat, plastic surfaces, and even clear bras or PPF or Paint Protection Film as is known in the detailing industry.  You can even use this product on glass to remove light water spotting, road film and drizzle stains.  3D SPEED is as close to a miracle product you can find it’s that good.



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