Ultimate Wheel Care Kit
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$49.95 $79.95


Wheels and tires need a little extra attention at times. For just those occasions we’ve put together the perfect combination of a quality cleaner, high-end dressing, and the tools to get the most out of them.

  • Magnificent – The only way to quickly break down road grime, break dust, and any other tire funk.
  • XP Cool Blue – Our hybrid, silicone infused, dressing. Leaves a quality shine (not slimy) on tires, holds well against the elements, and is low sling (won’t end up all over the fenders). Can be cut 50/50 and used as an interior dressing as well.
  • Green & Black Dressing Applicator – A high-quality applicator designed with patented curve technology to properly apply tire dressing (works great with XP Cool Blue).
  • Spoke Brush – This bristled brush hits all those hard to reach areas. Perfect for the motorcycle owner.

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