HP60 Spyder™ Automotive Heated Detail Extractor
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$1,567.00 $1,649.00


Good things come in small packages. The Spyder Heated Extractor contains a 5-gallon capacity solution tank (approx). But don't be fooled by its size. Built smaller for your convenience, the HP60 Spyder has the same amount of cleaning power and detailing ability as its large sibling, the HP100. Oh,and automotive detailers, did we mention it runs on only one power cord?


  • New 15' vacuum and internal solution hose
  • 4" stainless steel upholstery tool
  • Heatguard hosewrap, made of neoprene wetsuit material


  • 5 gallon solution tank (approx.)
  • 1,00-watt in-liner heater with maximum 210 deg temperature produces hot water that quickly breaks up grease and dirt
  • Single 3-stage LA motor
  • 130" of water lift, 100CFM
  • High drain valve, perfect for emptying into a standard bucket
  • Compact design to fit perfectly into a van, truck or storage area
  • Durability rot-molded polyethylene material that resists rusting and denting

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